Fun & Safe Pediatric Dentistry

At Danville Pediatric Dentistry, we understand how going to a dentist can be potentially stressful for kids and even adults too. While sometimes it’s not all fun and games, we strive to create a friendly, welcoming and fun atmosphere for the kids so they feel relaxed and comfortable. Our child friendly facility in Danville offers a fun and relaxing environment for the young patients and their families so a visit to the dentist is never boring or scary!

Why Take Care of Baby Teeth?
Baby teeth, or primary teeth, are very important as they help in chewing and eating. They provide space and guidance for the permanent teeth to help them grow into proper position. Primary molars are not typically lost until around age 10-13 years old.

How to Prevent Cavities?
At Danville Pediatric Dentistry, we educated patients and their families about proper oral healthcare at home. Dental care is important to prevent cavities and maintain healthy and strong teeth. It is our aim to promote healthy habits in young patients and their families. Proper brushing and flossing is important to keep away cavities that can cause pain, infection or swelling, or early loss of primary teeth. A balanced diet, low in sugar, will also help to promote good oral health.

Healthy Habits
Develop the habit of cleaning your baby’s gums and teeth after meals and before bedtime. Older kids can be taught proper brushing and flossing technique but should be supervised until they demonstrate good hygiene habits.  Making daily brushing and flossing will ensure that your child will have strong and cavity-free teeth.

Healthy Diet
A healthy diet is one of the most important determinants for ensuring baby teeth remain cavity free. A healthy diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy based products and lots of water and milk. A diet high in refined sugars and carbohydrates may be damaging to young teeth. Consider limiting or eliminating sugary drinks, including excessive amounts of fruit juices, flavoring packets or syrups added to milk or water, sticky or gummy snacks, potato chips and Doritos, crackers (for example, Goldfish, Cheez-it, Teddy Grahams), Pop Tarts and high sugar cereals. Even unlimited or excessive amounts of sports drinks and diet supplements, such as Gatorade, PediaSure or Pedialyte, can cause tooth decay.

See a Pediatric Dentist
Danville Pediatric Dentistry treats each child as a unique individual. We have a caring and friendly staff who can make your child feel at ease and make the visit to the dentist a pleasurable experience. For appointments please feel free to call us at 434-791-2142. We will take care of all your baby’s dental needs!
Meet the Doctor
Monica Mosley is a native of Augusta GA. She completed her dental education at Howard University in Washington, DC in 2007. She went on to a 1 year general practice residency at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, RI, before heading to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, OH, where she received her certificate in Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry in 2010. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, having been granted board certification in 2011. She currently maintains hospital privileges at Martinsville Memorial Hospital in Martinsville, VA. Dr. Monica lives in Eden NC with her husband and two children.

Our Team
Our team specializes in pediatric dentistry. With years of experience and the right skills, we work to offer the best services to each patient and their family. Our highly trained staff is friendly and caring. Our team collectively works together to create a healthy, hygienic and exceptional healthcare environment for all our patients, their parents and/or guardians.

Our Facility
Danville Pediatric Dentistry welcomes families and provides a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for them. Whether you are here for the first dental visit or have a toddler with sugar bugs, we have all the right equipment to make your child’s visit comfortable and relaxed. We have a child friendly environment where kids can play, have fun and relax.

Specialized Dental Care for Kids
At Danville Pediatric Dentistry, we believe in providing top class dental care services for kids and welcome their families along so they feel loved and cared for. You can trust us to provide the right dental care services that you can rely on.